Deciding on a Halloween costume can be stressful, so we at Hawaii Hangover want to share some fun costume ideas with a Hawaiian twist to help you out! 

Not only are these costumes great for indivual adults and kids, but they work great for couple and group costumes as well!




Surf your way through Halloween with a pair of board shorts, a Hawaiian hat, and tropical pair of flip flops. Everyone knows that surfers are relaxed but also ready to take on the waves!

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Hula dancing is a Hawaiian tradition that everyone loves! Add beautiful leis, wristbands, and a haku to one of our beautiful dresses and you are good to go. Don't forget a tote bag to carry candy or othe Halloween treats!

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Become a demi god from Hawaiian culture with boardshorts and Maui's magical hook!

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Men's Board Shorts - Boy's Board Shorts - Flip Flops




If you love rainbows and sea creatures, than this costume is for you! Wrap up in one of our colorful sarongs and take along a dolphin or sea turtle bag to carry all of your Halloween goodies.

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Cover yourself in colorful leis for a Hawaiian twist to the 4 seasons! This costume is perfect for a family or a group of friends. 

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~Have a Happy Hawaiian Halloween~ 



Pin all of these ideas at once!