The Night Marchers are one of Hawaii's Spookiest Legends! 

  • The Hawaiian term for these ghostly apparitions is "Hukai'po," or "spirit ranks."
  • WHO: The Night Marchers are generally thought to be ancient warriors that march to the sound of beating drums and carry bright torches.
  • WHERE: These ancient spirits are primarily seen in several places on Oahu, but also have made appearances on Maui.
  • WHEN: The most likely times to come across the Night Marchers are "Po Kane," the night of the Hawaiian god Kane, and "Po Akua," the 14th night of the new moon.
  • WHAT: The legend says that if you come across the Night Marchers and look them in the eyes, you will die. There are only 2 things that can save you- either laying face down on the ground to show respect and play dead, or if for one of the Marchers to be an ancestor. If you are claimed as an ancestor, no one in the procession can hurt you! We suggest you respectfully hide your face to be on the safe side!